Big Data and Analytics Services - includes cloud technologies, open-source software, and big-data engineering solutions to help extract the most relevant information – from across the data landscape. We support predictive analytics, real-time dashboards, Master Data Management and more.

Tellus provides cost, resource and process efficiencies through number of solutions

  • Applications to collect, archive, display, transform and process large structured and unstructured volumes of data.
  • Big Data modeling of highly complex systems.
  • Analytics suites that include automated capacities, open architecture, standards-based framework to support activity-based intelligence.
  • Cloud based solutions to access data.
  • Data mining, processing, distribution and archiving.
  • Data management, storage and operations.
  • Big data analytics.
  • Big data systems integration.
  • Big data systems maintenance.
  • Big data software tools development.
  • Big data application/tools deployment.
  • Big data systems administration.
  • Big data management.
  • Big data systems security.
  • Big data normalization.